Monthly Archives: March 2003

Now isn’t this much prettier? And I’ve got my archives up. I’m watching V.Graham Norton in USA now so leave me be! I did my Film Std. Homework Debs! Going to hospital tomorrow so I will update the ‘Tom’s Illness’.

Hi people! I’m here at my school. I’m the only 6th Former in the classroom because the lower school are doing there radio station with Jojo from Galaxy 105. It’s a Leeds thing! Anyway, Jojo used to go to Intake, whoops! To much info about me!!! Sorry I’m in a crazy mood, I’ve just been reading Kat Dennings site. She updates it with Blogger and I think she is hilarious. I also need a pee. Grrrrrrrrr. I should go know but I’m too adicted to the internet. See you later. Watch Frasier tonight on Channel 4, and also watch Graham Norton in New York. Argh 😡 leave me be I need a pee!

God. Buffy is gettting so boring I just couldn’t let my old site live. Totally Angel will be coming soon. I still left the old stuff up because I haven’t finished Totally Angel. Does it look good. I hope UPN saves Angel like it saved Buffy. It looks like The WB won’t renew it’s contract.

Please visit to find out more about me! In other news. Went on really cool residential. We went somewhere in Yorkshire to film a zombie movie for media class at school. Gotta get of ‘cos my sister wants to come on. Bye 🙂