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Have I ever told you how much I hate Guy Fawkes Night? Not only are we still celebrating the murder of a terrorist that didn’t even carry out what he intended to do, but it’s also unfair on the environment and its inhabitant’s, especially pets. My dog is sat as close as he can be to me right now, petrified at the booms and bangs going off every two minutes, and it’s only October 28!

I really don’t understand why we are still celebrating this barbaric holiday, especially in this day and age, and why it’s ritualised in such a ridiculous manner. I mean, come on, fireworks… ooh, pretty lights in the sky… what are you, three-years-old?

Now Hallowe’en, there’s a holiday with some actual history in it’s meaning. But no one in Britain seems to give a Free-Untaken-Corner-Kick about it. They’re much happier stereotyping it as a candy induced spree of mayhem, mostly celebrated by our wacky American cousins, when in fact its origins lie in the festival of Samhain which was celebrated by the Celts in Britain and Ireland over 200 years ago.

So now you know!

I took part in a Nationwide blog today, and as this is also my blog, I’m going to post it here too. You can take part by clicking here.

I was woken up at around 7’o’clock by my dog barking this morning, my step-dad had come home from work, but he’d forgotten to take some keys so that’s why he was knocking… to be let in. Then my mum came upstairs to get my sister’s iPod Nano out of my room because I had been listening to it the night before. When I was woken up at the more comfortable time of 9’o’clock by my alarm, I went downstairs and was met by the living room furniture where it shouldn’t be. My mum and step-dad were measuring the room to see if the new table they are ordering to be delivered before Christmas will fit… they moved around some furniture so it would, and now I am blogging from that very room, in a place where I have never sat before… so yes, indeed October 17 was a momentous day! At around 1pm I went into Leeds to take back that iPod Nano on my sister’s behalf, as it only turns out the store had sold a pre-owned iPod Nano as brand new to my sister the day before! After that I bought some clothes and a new hat and some gloves, over all I guess I would have spent almost £100 today, which is very unlike me, but that’s good otherwise I would end up owing the bank money and going into overdraft! On the way home I had to go through Victoria Quarters to get back to my car and there was a lot of commotion and a crowd. It turns out Marilyn Manson’s wife was posing for press to promote the 10th Birthday of Harvey Nichols in Leeds.. and later on that night she would be stripping! There was a big glass of champagne, which I assume she’s playing around naked in right about now… Where was I? Yes, when I came home I watched some of my DVD I bought, American Dad, and then I saw on Newsround that there was this website that was collecting blogs for October 17 so I decided to post one myself, since I already have a blog on my own website. Then I watched Neighbours and, afterwards, persuaded my sister to let me film her for my home made horror film I’m in the middle of editing on my computer. In the bit I filmed she was acting as if she’d been locked in the cellar and was banging on the door and then she finds a human skull buried in the cellar! Once I had finished filming her, I came online to check my e-mails, 20 spam ones since the last time I checked them, and speak to some of my friends online. Then, I remembered to post a diary of my day before I forget it all. Tonight I’m going to watch Family Guy before I go to sleep at around 12:30 (early, for me) so I can wake up early and wish my sister a happy Birthay before she goes to school tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

I’m in a dilemma, seriously, it’s straight of a country and western song or something. It’s been but hours since I promised the fellowship of tomsbrain an all new McT Movie, but as it transpires the whole reason I never put up Candle-lighters 2 earlier (I shot it in 2004) was because I never finished it and now, looking at the footage all pieced together, I know why. So I’m in a bit of a quandary, do I put up the 5 minutes of footage, regardless of it’s dire quality, and let everyone judge it for themselves, or do I take back my promise and, as The All-American-Rejects would say, move along?

WELL?! I only freakin’ do this for you lot, go here and leave comments either saying “yeh” or “neh”.

Oooooh, it’s Friday the 13th! And a mysterious new trailer for a long ago forgotten abandoned film has surfaced on You Tube, mysteriously!

How odd! If you can contain yourself, come back around Halloween to see (coughhopefullycough) the “whole” thing. Today I had an appointment with the Dermatologist. I’m doing fine, which is always nice to hear, though being a dermatologist she always makes me analyse myself in a disapproving way, as I could do more to keep my skin healthy but unfortunately (and fortunately) I am man and men just don’t have the same headsense as women do in the “products” department. Yes, it’s true, I am not a “metrosexual” in case you ever wondered. Now that’s out of the way I can move onto more important things, though I do feel modest about it I’m sure if Simon had a blog he would do the same… had he beaten me at Scrabble but he didn’t because I beat him for the first time! And I beat him good, on my second go I used all 7 tiles and spelt “Beelines”, which IS acceptable without the hyphen. Either way, without the 50 point bonus I still would have beaten him. Obligatory victory dance… and we’re done. Moving on to something of less but equal importance, the reason I was seeing Simon in the first place is because the company that fund him to work at St. James’ have found me a work placement at Yorkshire Television for a few days, in the editing suite! I can’t wait… though I’ll have to, as it’s not until the first week in November. Take care!