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Sound off!

To mark the start of a new decade, Spotify offered up an analysis of my past ten years in music. I started streaming music in 2009 so, whilst it’s mostly accurate, I still use to keep track of my … tracks!

Spotify said my most streamed artist in 2010 was Lady Gaga (193 plays). However, paints a very different, much more accurate picture. The band I listened to the most in 2010 was t.A.T.u. (300 plays).

In 2011, Spotify claimed my most streamed artist was RuPaul – and confirmed this, with almost 600 plays.

t.A.T.u. were back on top in 2012, according to (220 plays), but not Spotify. They marked RuPaul as my most streamed artist for a second year running (160 plays).

Things changed a bit in 2013. Spotify claims my most streamed artist was Lana Del Rey (106 plays). However, there were three other artists I listened to more, according to – t.A.T.u. (122 plays), Delta Goodrem (173 plays), and Natalia Kills (204 plays).

RuPaul was back, back, back again in 2014. Both Spotify and has over 160 plays clocked.

I thought, by 2015, my other means of listening to music were well and truly dust in the wind. Both and Spotify have Lana Del Rey as my top artist (156 plays).

But in 2016, whilst Spotify claimed Tegan and Sara was my most streamed artist (39 plays), has seven whole other acts charting above them. Delta Goodrem (39 plays), Carly Rae Jepsen (48 plays), RuPaul (50 plays), Steps (52 plays), 2 Unlimited (53 plays), Sia (60 plays), Aqua (74 plays), and Lolly (83 plays).

There’s conflict again in 2017. Spotify suggested that Aqua were my most streamed artist (77 plays). Steps, however, were my true artist of that year (80 plays).

Spotify logged Lorde as my most played artist in 2018. However, most of those plays were offline, and therefor 25 other artists proved more popular according to – Tegan and Sara (14 plays), Frankmusik (15 plays), Delta Goodrem (15 plays), Miranda Cosgrove (16 plays), Tommee Profitt (17 plays), Perfume (17 plays), Hear’say (17 plays), Lena Katina (18 plays), Lady Gaga (20 plays), A*Teens (20 plays), Metric (21 plays), The Veronicas (22 plays), 2 Unlimited (22 plays), Rebecca & Fiona (23 plays), Madonna (23 plays), John Carpenter (25 plays), Steps (27 plays), Lolly (27 plays), CHVRCHES (28 plays), Lana Del Rey (31 plays), Daphne & Celeste (31 plays), Robyn (33 plays), Charli XCX (33 plays), RuPaul (42 plays), and Christine and The Queens (51 plays). Read the rest of this entry

Bleeding Hearts

Not only am I running off my mouth about Australian Soap-Operas, Naomi Watts, The Sims 4, and more RuPaul praise. There are two exclusives in this week’s podcast, as I invite you to join me at The Leeds Savage Club where I exposed myself by sharing a song I had wrote about my recent hospital treatment. And, in the spirit of song, I treat you to KELL’s latest offering, My Funny Valentine (available to download for free Listen now…


It’s been a while since you’ve seen anything of Katie Heap on my website. She was featured heavily in my short film The Clown, but that was over ten years ago. We’ve both grown up, and are doing different things, but we’re closer than ever. I asked her to be on my podcast, and she said yes! Listen now…


I’m a little late in getting round to promoting this week’s episode of the Thomas McNab podcast, but I have a worthy excuse… I was born with an illness, jerks! Some days I feel worse than other days. What do you want me to say? I’m supposed to be attending lots of lovely film screenings, but I’m not feeling one-hundred up to it, so my goal of seeing forty films is already out of the question. That devastates me, but I need to take it easy. Hence, my lapsed promotion.

So, this week’s episode is all about My Friends – literally. It’s a song I wrote when I was eight-years-old, and you’ll hear me sing a bit of it in the podcast, but as a bonus treat for you dedicated blog readers, here’s the original recording from when I was ten-years-old. Listen now…