Monthly Archives: August 2004

I’ve posted 3 excellent pictures (thanks Chris) in Pictures. I’ve manged to hold out without a transfusion for 3 weeks, it may not interest you but I’m really happy! Also, my hormones are good, my pituitary gland is working a-ok!

Well, Sign or no Sign… I’m putting them up. 4 of my best bootleg remixes (I’ve only made 5) are up now as well as ANOTHER of my movies from McT Productions. Just Click here for the Remixes and Click here for a new video clip called Room Raiders (fans of the MTV show would see fit to watch this). Once again, please sign my guestbook, I really want to know who visits my site.

I’ll post something here soon… I just don’t know what it is yet! Now I know, I got a tripod for my camera, thanks to Chris I dug up all my Resident Evil guides and am going to have a crack at completing it! I’m debating whether to post my Bootleg’s? There’s Only 3 but if you want to hear them SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!! Subliminal Messages WILL work on you!

Here are my results for my A-Levels, hot of the press. (If the press were really slow!)

Film Studies: B

Media: C

I’m pleased. But sad to leave my school behind. But I’ll be going back to check out the new building and visit people. Don’t hate the rain, it’s good!!