Monthly Archives: November 2005

Rant time! Whilst channel-surfing last night I came across a new programme on E! called ‘Celebrity Soup(E!, 6:30pm on Monday). Interesting, I thought. Upon pressing the little ‘i’ thingy for a bit more info I was shocked to see that it was the UK’s attempt at ‘The Soup‘, presented by the magnificent Joel McHale. I was worried, it could either go horribly wrong or horribly right. First off I noticed they’d got Iain Lee to host it. Not a bad move, sometimes he can be funny and other times he can be a little irritating. Luckily he was more entertaining and it definitely helped me warm up to the show. Basic same version of the US Soup, Iain takes a comedic look at this week’s Celebrity News and TV Shows. Included in the half-hour show is the ever popular ‘Reality Show Clip time’ which highlights the latest mad offerings from Reality TV. Unfortunately the UK version is lacking ‘Chat Stew’, a humorous look at Chat Shows such as ‘Oprah’ and ‘Martha’. Luckily though last nights premiere episode did contain clips from ‘The Tyra Banks Show‘ and ‘Richard & Judy‘. Overall I’m glad to see that E! have launched a UK version of ‘The Soup’, but I am very sad to see they’ve taken the American version off. Looking ahead, it does appear to return next week but for how long? It looks like E! will be making more UK based shows such as THS and E! News Live, but if that means they’re going to replace the US versions then I’d rather they didn’t.

Because I haven’t had my weekly fixture of The Soup yet…

From “Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, who turned mid-level music careers into a Hollywood star-spangled marriage, have separated following months of persistent breakup rumors.”

Ooh, does this mean MTV will start premiering ‘The Newlydivorcees’ next year?!

I’m ecstatic! I’ve managed to rediscover Delta Goodrem… No, not all that crappy stuff she’s doing now with Bryan “with a y” McFadden, I’m talking about good ol’ early Delta. I’ve only JUST added ‘Innocent Eyes’ to my iTunes, which is progress. Whether or not it’ll make it onto the coveted MP3 player is another question. At the moment it’s Kaiser chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Evanescence and t.A.T.u (will I ever post an entry without mentioning those two?). Don’t laugh, it’s only 256MB. And that’s more than enough (well, I’m not complaining). “The Team” met up again today to polish off our script. As I was saying, we’ve gone over what we thought was reasonable but have so far only managed to cut one scene which only lasts under a minute. In retrospect you’d think we’d need to cut more, but I think it’s solid for now. We timed it and it comes in just under twenty-five minutes. I bought ANOTHER new top from TK Maxx, I actually got two but the other one was too small which I’m pissed about ‘cos it was nice. I’ve got credit now so that’s enough incentive to buy yet another top… Or trousers, I’m not really bothered about those though, I’ve got a reasonable amount of pairs. I rotated my wardrobe (hole in the wall with a pole hanging from the roof) around ‘cos the cold weather is making its way back to our shores. I want MORE snow this year, I love snow at Christmas. Usually it all ends up coming in January and February which is not as enjoyable… Plus I assume we’ll still be filming then and I can imagine the exterior shots will be a bit of pain if it’s snowing all the time. Saying that, we’ve probably only got two exterior shots. Listen to me, exterior, I sound like a right filmmaker-type-person!

You’ll never believe who’s getting a Region 2 release…

“Twentieth Century Fox Home has announced the release of The Lone Gunmen for the 30th of January 2006, priced at around £49.99. The series will be presented in anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1) and Dolby Digital audio, with commentary on selected episodes.”

Unbelievable, I never thought this would be released over here. I have it on Region 1 but if the price comes down then I may be tempted to buy it. I mean, £50 for 13 episodes and a bonus X-Files episode is a bit OTT – You can get a full 22 Episode Season of The X-Files for less than half of that… In fact, I have! Zoe will be pleased though, I remember recording them on video for her when it was first on Sci-Fi – I did think that eventually the series would start on BBC2 but it never did. Again, that’s why I’m so shocked 20th Century Fox are releasing a Ragion 2 set.