Monthly Archives: July 2005

WTF Have you done Sky One? Moving Wonderfalls to Midnight Thursday morning… MIDNIGHT! There’s repeats Friday’s at 8pm on Sky Mix but what you’ve done is unforgivable. I’m so angry right now I could kick something. There’s new pictures over at the ‘This Is Tom’ website, go and freakin’ enjoy them before I decide to move them to midnight!

Where did all this rain come from? How is it I always have a nosebleed when it rains? While you ponder that I’ll go and upload some new pictures in the gallery.

I had an uneventful day today (‘Cept for my Gran coming over and watching her explain to my sister what was happening in Buffy… OMG!) so I’ll show you what I did spend most of the day doing…

Round and round I go, where I stop, no-one knows!

And then I’ll tell you what happened at the weekend. I went to see The Descent (bloody brilliant) which I think is the second 18 movie I’ve seen but it may have been the first. No-one asked to see ID and no-one even asked my sister how old I was – WOOHOO! We went to Pizza Hut earlier and I had a pepperoni, no biggie. On Sunday I FINALLY opened my Cluedo that I got for Christmas and played it with Haley (my sister, who’s staying with me this week since Mum and S-Dad are on holiday). I won! I also won at Upwords (of course) and then we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Scream 2… What a weird combination.

Oh yeah, and I hate you ALL for not voting Orlaith out!

The new video bootleg video has been posted. I’m currently appealing to find the person who made it, once I do I’ll tell you so you can thank them! Great tune isn’t it?