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I found out the news below about the Sister Sister twins appearing Eastenders is a complete load of lies, unfortunately. However, here’s something that always cheers me up – news on the new X-Files film:

“Gillian told the Daily Express: ‘It was not something I longed for on a regular basis but as soon as we start talking about doing it again, I get very excited. A lot has happened in the past few years but we are excited by each other’s company and I think it will be loads of fun.'” Source

Any news? I plan to update the Photo gallery sometime soon, as it’s been a long while since I added anything. Most of the photos will be moved over my Google Photo Album.

You’ll never believe who’s getting a Region 2 release…

“Twentieth Century Fox Home has announced the release of The Lone Gunmen for the 30th of January 2006, priced at around £49.99. The series will be presented in anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1) and Dolby Digital audio, with commentary on selected episodes.”

Unbelievable, I never thought this would be released over here. I have it on Region 1 but if the price comes down then I may be tempted to buy it. I mean, £50 for 13 episodes and a bonus X-Files episode is a bit OTT – You can get a full 22 Episode Season of The X-Files for less than half of that… In fact, I have! Zoe will be pleased though, I remember recording them on video for her when it was first on Sci-Fi – I did think that eventually the series would start on BBC2 but it never did. Again, that’s why I’m so shocked 20th Century Fox are releasing a Ragion 2 set.

Some news now from the BBC Cult Television Website. Looks like FOX’s new ‘Tru Calling’ is heading for the scrap heap as ratings continue to slide down and down. Now I haven’t watched any of ‘Point Pleasant’ but that’s because FOX always seem to make a habit of canceling shows I like, Tru Calling, Family Guy etc.

David Duchovny is spreading more rumours about X-Files The Movie Sequel. He was comparing that instead of it being about Alien-conspiracies it should be a super-natural thriller, the one he referred to was ‘The Forgotten’. Come on David, surely you could have thought of a better “Super-natural Thriller” than Forgotten. Either way you know I’ll love the movie because it’s got Gillian and David in it… I just really hope Annabeth Gish and Robert Patrick (let’s not stop there, how about Mitch Pileggi, Tom Braidwood, Bruce Harwood, Dean Haglund, William B. Davis, Nicholas Lea, etc.) can put in an appearance too.

And hooray! Javine won the contest to represent the United Kingdom in this May’s Eurovision. However Jordan came second… I’m still trying to figure that one out. You’re saying Jordan did better than Andy Scott-Lee, Tricolore and Gina G… That’s gotta be bruising there egos, especially Gina G who only managed to tally a mere 20 points compared to Jordan’s score of 100. Well at least when it came down to it we Great Brit’s once again voted talent over looks. Speaking of which Channel 4 are looking to renew their contract with Endemol, ensuring many more Big Brothers after #6… Also in May.


Digital Spy: Duchovny to star in ‘X-Files’ follow-up:

“David Duchovny hinted at the content of a follow-up X-Files movie at Monday’s Critics Choice Awards, reports USA Today. At the ceremony Duchovny said that he spoke to the creator of the show, Chris Carter, earlier in the day, and revealed that they aim to start shooting the movie later this year or early in 2006.

Duchovny explained: ‘It’ll be a stand-alone horror movie. Mulder and Scully investigate one particular case that has nothing to do with alien life. It has to do with supernatural stuff.'”

What?!?! The whole point of The X-Files 2 was to find out what is gonna happen with the Alien invasion, lil’ baby William. I mean, hooray it is happening but what about all the unanswered questions… Well, I suppose since the Alien invasion is scheduled for sometime in March 2012 then maybe a third X-Files movie will be out before then. But I wonder how they are gonna work this. Because Mulder and Scully are rogue agents now… this plot must be set back before Season 8. Ooh, I’m so excited! And the LGM DVD is out soon. I saw Zoe on Sunday; Me, her and her boyfriend watched the whole first season of Futurama, It’s brilliant! I can’t believe Fox went and cancelled it, Fox are dumb.. dumb, dumb, dumb (thank you for bringing back Family Guy Fox, you’re the best)! Oh hey, I know what I can tell ya, but I’ll start a new post… which you’ll have already read since this one will go underneath it. Never mind…