Monthly Archives: July 2004

As said on my main blog at Tom’s Brain, I’m on the telly tonight. I’ve put up three pictures taken at Temple Newsham on the Party in the Park stage. See me backstage on ITV1 tonight at 6pm.

…and then BAM! You see your face on TV. I’m actually dreading it just a bit. I can admit I got roped into doing it. It was described as a chance to see backstage at a music concert and see how all the technical stuff works and where the pop-stars would get changed. Well it was barely that. It was just a publicity gig for Radio Aire and Yorkshire Television. Which I by all means am greatful to be a part of, I just wish it had been more fufilling for me as it had been for them. The one thing I really enjoyed was the ride there and back in a… HUMMER! It’s an ace car, I’ve never ever paid attention to cars much, but how can you not pay attention to a HUMMER. Boy I wouldn’t mind one… oh yeah, I need to learn how to drive first… minor bump on the road to – well, the road! So if you’re interested, you can see my face and hear me talk on ITV1 at 6pm tomorrow on Calender (I’m wearing the same outfit I had on for my 18th birthday). And if you’re listening to Radio Aire tomorrow at around 9:45, Rossie who does the Top 10 at Ten is going to give me a shout out, which just might top the TV appearance. I said might!

…and this is why The Sims 2 may ultimately cause me to stay on my laptop 24/7 and never leave my bedroom! Okay, so I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to designing my own houses. But I’ve done it ever since I was a kid. I used to take up pages and pages of A4 pads drawing house plans, writing stories, magazines and songs. I’ve got the story thing going okay (making movies) and the magazine bit has now come together thanks to the gorgeous and wonderful Sarah Grant! The Songs are still here, right behind me, so who knows. But the architecture has been limited in The Sims, but with The Sims 2 I feel I may only build houses and never move anyone in! But there’s a con, the game comes out on September 17 which is the same day as the Season Three premiere of What I Like About You. Surely you can press pause for 22 minutes America… please! Word of Advice: Filming a sitcom like The Office is not that easy, nor is it very rewarding, but stuffing it full of sleazy British humour and sarcasm is! Blossom is going to be my new bad habit from 6pm-7pm, Mon-Fri on Nickelodeon. I suggest you get with it too. I haven’t watched BB for 3 weeks!! How suprising, but like I said, Emma left 😦 so that means it’s just naff. Illegal movies are not cool, I do not support them. I might be a filmmaker one day and would you want any of my films to have possibly thousands of pounds worth lost from the sales of it. Me! Shouldn’t me of all people deserve that movie after spending so much hard time and effort working on the movie. Okay guys, just say it with me. No to piracy! But besides, those boff’s will come up with a new Media source which is uncopyable! I thought it was going to be the EVD from China but that may not happen. Speaking of China, The Nintendo DS was revealed at this years E3 and it is going to knock the socks, undies and any other clothes the PSP is wearing, right off! And in closing, I really should write more often so as my posts don’t fill up quite so much! Aren’t you glad I’m back though!

The Clown is unleashed on the net from today, the same day as Shrek 2 is released! Both involve the colour green, that’s the only two things that link them. Thanks to Katie Heap, Robert Heap, Jennifer Heap, Haley McNab & Andrew McNab for their help in making The Clown, please take a look then leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.