Monthly Archives: November 2003

I moved ‘Totally Angel’ over to Freeserve. It’s not different but I do have a new splash image (why do I call it a splash image?). When the new the season five starts there’s an even better image that will see the site return to it’s classic blue style. Hey and Sky One are also getting Nip/Tuck. I’ve heard great things about this from my contacts in the US. Good move SKY ONE, now try and get Tru Calling with Eliza Dushku.

After updating I thought I’d do some more and I’ve found 2 links about Porphyria. One is another blog*spot. How weird is that? There over at the ‘links’ section. I’m also sorry about my fluctuation of the spelling of my disease. There the 3 worst words that I have to spell on a regular basis so forgive me.

I visited my guestbook and just wanted to say OH MY GOD! I’m sat here in shock that Marianne Curley visited my site! Thanks for visiting and signing my guestbook. Okay, in other news I went to see The Matrix Reveloutions today. It’s not bad but It was more of a money making sequel then a planned sequel (or is it trequel?). I’ll update with a blood count on Tuesday (if I remember). I’m also taking calcium tablets because my calcium levels are low (which I knew anyway because I keep craving cheese). There nice but I’ve forgotten to take it today so I better go and take it now. If any visitors are interested in keeping up to date with my current projects please visit Tom’s Brain UK. Click on the ‘Movies’ link and you can see some trailers which I’ve edited. There’s also a trailer up there for a movie I created before I went into hospital called ‘The Clown’. I’ll admit it’s not a very good trailer but I loved working on the movie and I hope I can put up a version of the final film for people to see (Although I’m afraid of what the filesize might be).

See you later then,

Here’s the new layout. “It came to me in a dream…” (which is probably why I’m blogging so late). My Home page will change soon to match. I’m trying to get into “Googlewhacking” but I haven’t tried it yet. Oh yeah and you’ll see on the “Movies” page when it’s up that there’s a trailer for my own movie called “The Clown”. I probably won’t put the movie on the net because it’s not really good but IMO it’s good and hopefully when my family see it they’ll think the same.