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Me and Alison!London was fun! Ha, getting there wasn’t, we had a four hour coach trip and it was fumey and I kept saying how I smelt fuel and everyone else was just like STFU! So when we got to the Bus Depot which was near Victoria Station we decided it’d be okay to walk from there to the Royal Albert Hall. It took just under an hour and rained three times, but it was fun and we got to see London rather than getting on the Underground and seeing nothing. So we arrived at the Royal Albert Hall and we weren’t going to the Hostel until after the concert so we dropped off our luggage and stuff in this room and then we went to do a music workshop. I volunteered to be the lyricist straight off (I can’t play guitar, I know how to play keyboard and my feet were to tired to play drums) but it was the best job as I wrote two songs and then everyone played them and one of the supporting bands came down to listen. After that it was practically concert time, we got time for food and a drink first although I used it to have a tiny sleep! So the concert started at 7:30 and kicked off with this new band called GTA and they had actually paid to play so it was really nice of them to donate so much money to the TCT. They were good, but perhaps too short of a performance to form an opinion. Starsailor were next and they were pretty awesome. Starsailor are one of those bands that I didn’t know I knew but after seeing them on stage I’ll definitely be checking out more of their music. The main supporting band were Antony and the Johnsons. His singing style is weird but the music was nice, at least it was a nice calm down before Goldfrapp came on at 10pm. I don’t know the exact set list but they played at least 10 songs and Alison is just a jaw-droppingly amazing singer and performer. She said on stage that some of their costumes for the dancers were lost as they had just performed in Texas but they had two horses (for “Ride A White Horse”) so it was alright. I was definitely not expecting anything more to happen after the concert finished but I was wrong. We were hushed into a backstage corridor outside the green room and we waited for about 45 minutes but it was worth it as we went into the green room (which was awesome in itself) but then Goldfrapp came in and Alison sat down next to me and Maddy!Goldfrapp! Just moments before I met them She is so believably genuine and we talked with her and some of the band (this awesome violin player) and a dancer (equally awesome) for a whole hour and I was just amazed, so much so I didn’t even notice Will until I left, which I feel bad about but at least I didn’t mistake him for a dancer or something! So by then it was coming up to 1am and we got a cab to the Hostel and managed to get some pizza. I didn’t actually get into bed until 3:30am despite being absolutely drained but then I was up at 7:30am as we had to check-out for 10am. We got on the Underground from Stamford Beck to Victoria and just hung out in the Victoria station shopping centre until the coach came. Of course I slept for about 3 of the four hours on the way back and in fact the ride back was better! Oh and for the first time ever I went to a Starbucks in Leeds and then we went to one in London! Thank you Cat if you read this so-so-so much from the bottom of my heart, I had an unbelievable time =D

Hello readers, the DVD Ceremony Night at the Royal Armouries was on Thursday and it was great, there’s a bit of a mention in the Yorkshire Post about it. I’ll be off to London on Tuesday to see Goldfrapp at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust show. I’m hopefully going to snap some piccies and shoot some viddies and upload them on the site, I’ve also found another article to scan and a video that may be of some interest to you. Keep well!

I have added the ‘Lift My Spirits’ trailer to My Films on tomsbrain. There’s also a new addition on their called ‘The Ward’ which was made by me and Sarah Grant, my super, fabulous, gorgeous and inspirational date to the Royal Armouries event last Thursday (I only write this ‘cos I know she’s reading it, anyasayo Sarah). We just did it for some fun but I asked her if I could put it online and she said it was fine. I had to ask her ‘cos, well, watch it and you’ll see why! Oh the shame, I only went and spelt my own name wrong on the ‘Lift My Spirits’ poster. Luckily there’s only one copy of it but I don’t know who’s got it. I must burn the evidence before anyone sees it!

PS – This is my 200th post on tomsbrain, time for some obligatory dancing!

Johnny Beasley in a scene for 'Lift My Spirits'You’ve heard my talk about it non-stop for the past 10 months. You’ve seen pictures (well, you probably haven’t but there are some on here) and you’ve heard me call it “Night Shift” when it wasn’t called that and hasn’t been for quiet a while now! Trixie Pictures presents the “Lift My Spirits”…


That is going to be shown at the Royal Armouries tomorrow night, although if you’re reading this and want to go you can’t because the tickets are sold out! Oh and there’s some other event that night about a DVD too, whoever cares! I’m kidding, read all about it at Thanks to Tom for putting it online so quickly.